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Helping construction employers improve safety, productivity, and retention of skilled tradespeople by supporting diverse & inclusive workplaces.

People who identify as Black or African American are 12% of the US workforce
but only 7% of the construction workforce.
46% of LGBTQ+ workers are closeted at work
Women are 47% of US workforce but only 10% of the construction workforce.
Women make up just 5% of the craft workforce.

What it Means to CARE

to hire and pay based on skill and experience regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation

prospective employees by creating inclusive workplaces that are free from harassment, hazing and bullying

high-performing employees by identifying and removing barriers to advancement

every employee to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion

Join Us for 2024 Construction Inclusion Week

Further your commitment to Culture of CARE by participating in the 2024 Construction Inclusion Week, October 14-18, 2024!

Each day there is a theme for your company to plan activities around. Culture of CARE is supporting Construction Inclusion Week by offering Culture of CARE-specific resources for pledged companies to utilize each day.

Use Construction Inclusion Week to continue building on efforts by your company to create a Culture of CARE where everybody feels valued, safe, welcome and included.


Taking the Pledge:

The companies and individuals who commit to a Culture of CARE aren’t passively thinking about their company culture. They are actively working to ensure that every employee – from the office to the jobsite – has the opportunity to feel valued, respected, and heard. Companies who commit to a Culture of CARE believe that everyone has the right to a work environment that is free from harassment, hazing, and bullying. You’ll be in good company – see the list of Impact Champions nationwide who have already taken the pledge.

Member Pledges COC update

AGC Resources for Implementing a Culture of CARE

Evaluate Your Culture

  • Diversity & Inclusion Assessment
    • Measure and improve the management of your company's current diversity & inclusion programs, policies, and practices.
  • Employee Survey Sample 
    • Understand employee perspectives on inclusion and belonging in the workplace to determine where your company currently stands. Employees with higher sense of belonging at work are more engaged and confident, which translates into higher productivity and increased retention.

Update Policies

  • Guide for Making Better Decisions
    • Intended to help companies, teams and individuals make more informed and better decisions by aligning your decision-making processes with your company's stated commitment to a Culture of CARE. Offers questions to ask when considering any policy, program, practice, decision, or action.
  • Model HR Policy
    • Download Culture of CARE's model policy to identify key elements to add to your existing policy, either to fill gaps or better articulate your goals.
  • 20 HR Best Practices for Diversity in Construction
    • For a roadmap of where and how to start implementing HR policies that will advance your diversity & inclusion goals.
  • Developing a Formal Supplier Diversity Program
    • Starting point guide for your company to develop a well thought out supplier diversity program that identifies targets, outlines expectations for your company and for external stakeholders and puts forth strategies on how your company plans to achieve its goals.

Educate & Train

  • Committing to a Culture of CARE
    • Discussion guide to help companies understand the importance of Culture of CARE in the workplace and start authentic conversations related to racism, sexism, LGBTQ+ discrimination, & the generation gap.
  • Building a Culture of CARE
    • Discussion guide with scenarios on inclusive environments and ways leaders and employees alike can contribute to a Culture of CARE.
  • Leading a Culture of CARE
    • Discussion guide on individual people's role in building a Culture of CARE, steps to becoming an active bystander and ally, and reviews harassment, hazing and bullying.
  • Racism Toolkit
    • Includes a series of toolbox talks and a corresponding discussion guide to help companies have authentic conversations related to racism in the workplace. The toolbox talks are designed to guide the conversation through four key areas: Understanding Race & Racism; Risk of Racism in Construction; Inclusion as a Key Component of Safety Culture; and Deterring Racism in the Workplace.
  • Sexism Toolkit
    • Includes a series of toolbox talks and a corresponding discussion guide to help companies have authentic conversations related to sexism in the workplace. Designed to guide conversations through three key areas: Understanding Sexism; Risk of Sexism in Construction; and Interrupting Sexism in the Construction Workforce.