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Education Courses

The Chicagoland AGC, in conjunction with its Chicagoland Construction Education & Training Foundation, provides access to industry knowledge to keep members abreast of the newest technologies and trends. Chicagoland AGC understands the immediacy by which new programs must be introduced to satisfy industry needs, and we are eager to coordinate those programs.

Online Education Modules

We are pleased to offer online, self-paced training modules through our partnership with Construction Experts, Inc.  Each semester several courses will be offered that are completed over a ten-week period, complete with assignments, quizzes, tests, and a grading system. This delivery mode is highly effective and enables busy construction professionals to work on each week's newest module on their own timetable.

Fall 2021 Semester Dates:

Sept. 7: Orientation Module Week

Sept. 13: Classes Begin

Nov. 21: Final Classes

2021 Offerings:

Construction Blueprint Reading

Planning and Scheduling - STP Unit 3

Practical Applications of Construction Law


Construction Supervision Fundamentals

CSF is a 25-hour instructor led course that consists of eight highly interactive classroom sessions that focus on the knowledge and skills every supervisor needs to be an efficient manager of people, time, equipment and materials.

Lean Construction Education

Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) developed the Lean Construction Education Program to help its members develop the tools necessary to build lean. Chicagoland construction professionals at all experience levels have taken Lean Education courses through the Education & Training Foundation to acquire the building blocks necessary to transform their projects and companies into lean operating systems.

AGC of America

Our members have access to all of AGC of America's educational offerings, in addition to educational opportunities available at the Chicagoland AGC.