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Diversity & Inclusion

D&I Committee Mission:

Chicagoland AGC and its members are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the construction industry —an environment of diversity fostered through mutual respect, communication, tolerance, cooperation, and the appreciation of multiple perspectives. 

Concrete Commitments: How to Create a Culture of CARE

This episode of AGC’s ConstructorCast podcast highlights the partnership between AGC and FMI in developing a series of articles that explore how construction firms are successfully implementing the four pillars of Culture of CARE. In this podcast episode, we spotlight the transformative impact of a Culture of CARE's two pivotal pillars: Commit and Empower, specifically in the context of fostering leadership and accountability within construction firms.

You will hear from two leading construction firms who share how a steadfast commitment from leadership sets the stage for a culture of inclusion and belonging. We explore how empowering employees at all levels contributes to a sense of responsibility, aligning individual actions with organizational values. Join us to understand how cultivating leadership and accountability through a Culture of CARE not only enhances workplace inclusivity but also propels construction companies toward sustained success.


Michelle Thompson

Senior Consultant | FMI Consulting

Bill Aalerud

Executive Vice President | Columbia Construction Co.

Chair, Board of Directors - AGC of Massachusetts

Stephanie Roldan

Vice President Learning & Development, Director of Lean Culture | Rosendin Electric

Co-host Construction DEI Talks

Person-First & Identity-First Language Glossary

This glossary is a valuable tool for all who champion equity, diversity, and inclusion in the space where they live, work and play; and aims to raise awareness for and support the use of culturally sensitive terms and phrases that center the voices and perspectives of those who are often marginalized or stereotyped. Person-first language emphasizes the person, not their disability, chronic condition, or other facet of their identity that has resulted in underrepresentation and discrimination. Identity-first language focuses on the disability, chronic condition  or other identity facet, allowing the individual to claim and choose their own identity rather than permitting others to define it for them.

The arguments presented for a company including diversity and inclusion as a key business strategy go beyond the moral imperative of "doing the right thing" and focus on the measurable and tangible financial results that can be achieved with effective implementation. As the population of the U.S. becomes more diverse, construction companies will need to reflect the changing demographics in order to find workers and retain a competitive edge.

An intentional and practical culture shift towards diversity and inclusion can positively impact company profitability by improving employee productivity, recruiting and retaining top talent, increasing innovation, and creating a safer workplace. Furthermore, collaborative partnerships with diverse entities provide opportunities to expand market share.

Strategies for Implementing Diversity & Inclusion on a Construction Site - Case Study

The AGC Education and Research Foundation is committed to the growth, development, and encouragement of field research initiatives to enhance the education of construction management students. In support of this vision, the AGC Foundation commissions case studies that will provide today's construction management students the tools to build the industry's future. Cases written by faculty-contractor teams are based on actual experience and provide students with the opportunity to work through issues in a classroom setting.

The latest case study, written in partnership with the California State University, Fresno, addresses a construction company with primarily white employees executing a major construction project in neighborhoods where the population is primarily black. This situation places project team leaders in a position that calls for sensitivity toward diversity and inclusion as decisions are made during the execution of the project. Access Strategies for Implementing Diversity and Inclusion on a Construction Site here.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility Panel Program

HIRE360 hosted the Chicagoland Associated General Contractors (CAGC), the Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates (ASA) and the Chicago Building Congress (CBC) at HIRE360's in-progress training center for a panel discussion program on September 14, 2023. Attendees enjoyed an insightful and engaging discussion, led by moderator Kelly Hogan, on the benefits of diversity and how it drives growth and success in organizations.

Thank you to all those who attended, and special thank you to the exceptional panelists: Jimmy Akintonde, President of Ujamaa Construction; Tomas Huerta, President at Anagnos Door Company; JuanPablo Prieto, Director at Chicago Transit Authority; Keiana Barrett, Director of Diversity & Strategic Development at Sterling Bay; and Mike Meagher, President of McHugh Construction. Your inspiring stories and unwavering dedication to advancing diversity within the construction industry are truly commendable. We also want to give a big shout out to Dan Allen and Jamillah Muhammad from CISCO for everything they do to support our industry!

CAGC & Culture of CARE

The companies and individuals who commit to a Culture of CARE are actively working to ensure that every employee - from the office to the jobsite - has the opportunity to feel valued, respected, and heard. We pledge to commit to a Culture of CARE because we believe everyone has the right to a work environment that is free from harassment, hazing, and bullying.

Take a bold and visible step towards creating a diverse, safe, welcoming and inclusive construction industry. Commit and lead the way today.

Education & Resources

Culture of CARE Toolbox Resources

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Culture of CARE offers free, downloadable series of Toolbox Talks and corresponding discussion guides to initiate authentic conversations on racism and sexism in the workplace.

The following Toolbox Series can be utilized internally on how and why you should commit, build and lead a Culture of CARE in the workplace.




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View and share our five-part video series:

Culture of CARE | Racism | Sexism | LGBTQ+ Discrimination | Generational Gap

Leadership Education & Training

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AGC Emerging Contractors Education Series

For small contractors just starting out, the school of hard knocks is a tough instructor. Let AGC of America Members help you overcome the challenges all small emerging businesses face with this 12-part video series focused on helping your business thrive and grow.

Find Qualified Job Candidates with HIRE360

HIRE360 provides general and specialty contractors an opportunity to gain access to a diverse and trained workforce within the building construction trades. The HIRE260 staff works to identify, recruit, train, and support community members through the apprenticeship process and they aim to not only meet your hiring goals but also keep individuals working throughout their career.

If you are looking for apprentices or tradespeople, here are steps to post your position needs.

You can also submit a position assessment form and create a HIRE360 profile account through the corresponding buttons below.

Contact HIRE360's Industry Representative Sandra at 312.575.2509 or for creating a contractor account or any questions you have.

Women in Construction Resources

Chicago Women in Trades (CWIT) Resources:

  • National Center for Women's Equity in Apprenticeship and Employment
    • Useful strategies and practical applications to increase the number of women entering and being retained in registered apprenticeship
  • You Can Do It! A Women's Guide to Construction Careers - Video & Booklet
    • Available upon request to CWIT
  • We Heard the Call! - Recruitment Video
  • Building a Career in the Trades - Recruitment Video

Extra Resources & Articles

Diverse Projects: