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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with CAGC

D&I Committee Mission:

Chicagoland AGC and its members are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the construction industry —an environment of diversity fostered through mutual respect, communication, tolerance, cooperation, and the appreciation of multiple perspectives. 


Diverse Projects:

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Culture of CARE Mission:

Helping construction employers improve safety, productivity, and retention of skilled tradespeople by supporting diverse & inclusive workplaces.

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Taking the Pledge:

The companies and individuals who commit to a Culture of CARE aren’t passively thinking about their company culture. They are actively working to ensure that every employee – from the office to the jobsite – has the opportunity to feel valued, respected, and heard. Companies who commit to a Culture of CARE believe that everyone has the right to a work environment that is free from harassment, hazing, and bullying. You’ll be in good company – see the list of Impact Champions nationwide who have already taken the pledge.

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View and share our five-part video series:

Culture of CARE | Racism | Sexism | LGBTQ+ Discrimination | Generational Gap


Please feel free to contact our industry representatives:

Eric Poole

[email protected]

About HIRE360:

The organization provides an opportunity for general contractors and subcontractors to gain access to a diverse and trained workforce within the building construction trades.

HIRE360 works across unions, apprenticeship schools, and construction industry firms to align job opportunities with eligible workers. Their staff identifies, recruits, trains, and supports community members through the apprenticeship process in preparation for the labor and construction industry as a whole. They work to not only meet your hiring goals but also keep individuals working, from apprenticeship level to journeypersons with decades of experience. 

Find Qualified Job Candidates


If you are looking for apprentices or tradespeople, post your position needs by:

Creating a contractor account with HIRE360 – if you don’t already have one (One time).
You will be emailed a unique job order link for your company right after you create an account – sample job order link.

Or contact HIRE360’s Industry Representative Sandra at 312.575.2509 or [email protected] and she will do it for you

If you have candidates interested in getting into the trades, please direct them to this link.  HIRE360 will work with that person to get them prepared for the trades.  Using that link allows HIRE360 to report to CAGC on the progress of each candidate.


Please call Sandra with any questions at 312.575.2509 (or reach out to Executive Director Jay Rowell at 312-575-2512).