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Stand for Safety

The 2020 Stand for Safety campaign will happen September 14-18, 2020. Sign up your firm here.

Our annual Stand for Safety campaign (formerly the Safety Stand Down) is a leadership opportunity for our members to demonstrate their commitment to safety and the well-being of their workforce.

Companies that Stand for Safety during this campaign know the value of safety training and comprehensive job site inspection. Participating companies choose a day to shut down their job sites for about 30 minutes and host a toolbox talk on a designated safety topic, followed by an informal site lunch to inspire conversation. Not only does this enable your company to demonstrate its commitment to safety, but it also boosts morale at the beginning of the busy season.

For more information on the Safety for Safety campaign, contact Stacey Kelly at [email protected] or 773-444-0465.

Current 2020 Participants:

Alpine Demolition Services, LLC
AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc.
Blinderman Construction
Broadway Electric, Inc.
Bulley & Andrews
CJ Drilling, Inc.
Clarion Construction
Clark Construction
George Sollitt Construction Co
Great Lakes Plumbing & Heating Company
Jamerson & Bauwens electrical Contractors
James McHugh Construction Co.
JT Magen & Co
K.R. Miller Contractors Inc.
Lamp Incorporated
Laub Construction, Inc.
Leopardo Companies
McHugh Concrete Construction
McWilliams Electric Company
Michuda Construction, Inc.
MSM Solutions, Inc.
Pepper Construction Company
Power Construction Company
Stuckey Construction Company Inc
The Lombard Company
Tribco Construction Services
Trinidad Construction, LLC
Tyler Lane Construction Inc.
Ujamaa Construction Inc.
United States Alliance Fire Protect
Valenti Builders, Inc.
W.B. Olson Inc
W.E. O'Neil Construction Company
Wight & Company