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Industry Priorities

SB0178  - Sponsor Senator Linda Holmes

Public Construction Bonds


Amends the Pubic Construction Bond Act.  Provides that no retainage may be withheld by a unit of local government from a contractor who furnishes  the bond or bond substitute required by the Act, no may a contractor withhold retainage from its subcontractors.


HB 2538 – Representative Denyse Wang Stoneback

General Contractors – Tech


Creates the General Contractor Licensing Act.  Contains only a short title provision.


HB 4393 – Representative Daniel Didech, Representative Stephanie Kifowit, Representative Suzanne Ness

Local Government Best Value Bidding


Amends the Township, Illinois Municipal Code, Downstate Forest Preserve District Act, Park District Code, Illinois Local Library Act, Public Library District Act of 1991, School Code, and Illinois Highway Code.  Provides that specified contracts may be let to the lowest respo9nsible bidder or the best value bidder (rather than the lowest responsible bidder).  Provides that “best value” means the result determined by a procurement method that considers price and other criteria reflecting an objective and quantifiable analysis.


HB5412 – Representative Marcus Evans Jr.

Wage Payment & Collection

Amends the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act. Provides that, for all contracts entered into on or after July 1, 2022, a primary contractor making or taking a contract in the State for the erection, construction, alteration, or repair of a building, structure, or other private work in the State, shall assume, and is liable for, any debt owed to a claimant incurred pursuant to the Act by a subcontractor at any tier acting under, by, or for the primary contractor for the wage claimant's performance of labor included in the subject of the contract between the primary contractor and the owner. Provides exemption from liability for a property owner who acts as a primary contractor related to the erection, construction, alteration, or repair of his or her primary residence. Defines terms. Provides that the primary contractor's liability under the new provisions shall extend only to any unpaid wages or fringe or other benefit payments or contributions, including interest owed, penalties assessed by the Department, and reasonable attorney's fees, but shall not extend to liquidated damages. Provides that a primary contractor or any other person shall not evade or commit any act that negates the requirements of the new provisions. Provides that the obligations and remedies provided in the new provisions shall be in addition to any obligations and remedies otherwise provided by law, except that nothing in the new provisions shall be construed to impose liability on a primary contractor for anything other than unpaid wages, fringe or other benefit payment contributions, penalties assessed by the Department of Labor, interest owed, and reasonable attorney's fees. Provides that claims brought pursuant to the new provisions shall be done so in accordance with provisions concerning violations of the Act.


HB 5088 – Representative Will Davis

Employment Wage Theft


Creates the Wage Theft Act. Provides that any employer and their officers who knowingly withhold wages from an employee in the State and refuses to compensate the employee for the wages they earned shall be deemed guilty of a Class A misdemeanor for the first offense and a Class 4 felony for subsequent offenses and shall be listed on the Department of Labor's website. Amends the Counties Code and the Illinois Municipal Code. Provides that in any county or municipality that requires a building permit, a notice with information on workers' rights under the Wage Theft Act and the Wage Payment and Collection Act shall be included with the building permit applicant to post at the construction site. Amends the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act. Provides that there shall be created a Wage Theft Enforcement Fund, subject to appropriation, that will allow any employee that has filed a complaint against an employer, that the Department of Labor determines to be insolvent, to be entitled to receive a full a pay period's worth of wages and interest from the Wage Theft Enforcement Fund. Provides that the Department of Labor shall make available to the public on its website a list of the employers and their officers and agents found guilty of violating the Act and the Wage Theft Act. Amends the State Finance Act to create the Wage Theft Enforcement Fund.


HB5550 -  Representative Justin Slaughter

Prevailing Wage Trucking


Amends the Prevailing Wage Act. Provides that the transportation of ready-mixed concrete and the transportation of aggregate or excavated materials shall be deemed to be employment upon public works. Provides that all laborers, workers, and mechanics performing transportation of ready-mixed concrete and transportation of aggregate or excavated materials shall be deemed to be employed in actual construction work upon public works. Defines terms.